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Wait until you hear how this man single-handedly brought down a bank robber. Your instinct might be to kick with your toes facing up, keeping your ankle neutral.

Women's Health: Self Defense Tips

Instead, flatten your foot so your shoelaces face the ceiling. For a groin kick remember, breathing and breeding! You can always replace your credit cards and phone—and no possession is worth risking your life for. Still, losing those items could risk your privacy and security, so never, ever carry these 12 things in your purse. Reading tips is one thing, but practice is key to successfully escaping a life-threatening situation, says Cascio.

Taking a self-defense class can train your reactions. Originally Published on sitename.

Self-Defense Moves That Could Save Your Life | Reader's Digest

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11 tips everyone should know to stay safe, according to self-defense coaches

Marissa Laliberte. There's nothing a woman can't do. They are shattering the glass ceilings, winning Olympic medals, becoming Head of States all on their own. So to make the lives of these awesome women safer, we've put together a list of 10 tricks that all women should know to help them walk two inches taller in any situation that they might face.

Listen to your gut and use common sense

Source: Giphy. Always drive with all your doors locked and windows rolled up.

saltentgodbu.tk If you are being followed on the road, remember to stay on busy streets with lots of people around so that help is imminent when needed. Parking your car in isolated places or leaving your car can be the worst mistake you can make. Drive to the nearest police station if your pursuer is persistent. Dealing with a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere can be quite the nightmare.


Instead of running around for a fix, keep an inflatable tyre kit in your trunk to help you take care of a flat in a jiffy! You can learn more about inflating car tires here. This the first thing you need to do as soon you realize that you are being stalked.

If you sense trouble, act promptly. If attacked, push your assaulter aside and shout as loudly as you can.

Prevention – best self defense technique

It might not dissuade them, but it will definitely make you seem like a difficult target. Also, it will rouse the attention of people around you and get help to you faster. When you're cornered in a deserted area, a swift blow to the nose will help you escape. If your attacker is charging towards you, hit their nose with the heel of your palm using all the strength you've got. This will cause immense pain and will temporarily disorient them, allowing you time to call for help or escape.

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You can fashion weapons out of anything around you. Like any other weapons, a set of keys wedged between your fingers like brass knuckles can deliver a crippling blow. If you are attacked at home, run to the kitchen and grab anything like a rolling pin, heavy ladle or a knife.

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